My 2013 New Year’s Resolutions

Well it’s a new year. 2012 is over and 2013 is here. The Mayans called it wrong. And like most, at the start of each new year I think up some resolutions that I hope to accomplish throughout the year. I’ve got mine of course. But so I’m more likely to keep them (as well as remember them) I’m committing them to writing…here in my blog.


  • I’m going to kiss my wife and daughter goodbye every day when I leave for work. – Doing OK!!
  • We’re going to start eating better. Yeah, us and everyone else. But I mean it. Really. – trying/pending
  • I’m going to fix things that need mending around the house. (Elaine stop laughing). – trying/pending
  • We’re going to make it to the Jersey Shore more than once this year (hey, maybe we’ll even take a vacation there) – trying/pending
  • We’re going to Disney World!!!! – trying/pending
  • And we’re planning our 2014 trip to Maui!!!! – trying/pending


  • I’m going to kiss my wife at red lights when we’re driving together (like we did when dating). – trying/pending
  • My wife and I are going to have at least two (2) date nights per month. Even is this means nothing more than a walk together around the block…or simply a movie…or a dinner with just us. – Failed, moving on
  • I’m going to try to close my dresser drawers and pick up my dirty socks – these two alone will make my wife love me more – Doing OK!!


  • I’m going to try to re-popularize the words & phrases: jinkies, great googly moogly, and cats pajamas – trying/pending
  • I’m going to start working out again, and… – trying/pending
  • I’m going to lose weight. Yeah, just like everyone else says too. – trying/pending
  • More sleep and a better schedule. Wake at 7:15am and in bed by 11:15pm (± 15min on both). Which for those that know me – as the night owl I am, this is ludicrous. But I mean it. – Failed, moving on


  • I’m going to work smarter, not harder – trying/pending
  • One new client per month…. – trying/pending
  • Sometime in January, I’m going to finish unpacking (from our start-up & move-in). – Failed, moving on

Well that’s it. It’s not a super long list. And frankly, it shouldn’t be a hard list to keep. Some of it I already do… just not consistently. So I’m going to get better at it! I mean Jinkies! It’s not rocket surgery. And great googly moogly, think of it… if I can accomplish it all, I’ll be the cats pajamas!!!

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