It’s just a little mask… just wear it already

It’s just a little mask… just wear it already

Truly, I can’t understand everyone’s objection to wearing a mask. Have we grown so entitled and lacking in empathy that we can’t be inconvenienced and withstand some mild discomfort? Nor can I understand the debate regarding the effectiveness of masks. The science it fairly straight forward on the subject. Yes, simple masks don’t provide the ultimate protection that an N95 mask does. But coughing into your elbow or sneezing into a tissue doesn’t offer complete protection either – but everyone acknowledges it’s the best and right thing to do. Why? Because you minimize the spread of your aerosolized particles. Just like a mask – even the flimsy or homemade cloth masks help.

So, why all the crazy hatred?

I find the mask mandates or even simple guidance to wear one as a precaution to be the least egregious invasion of my “right” or civil liberties. And if wearing a mask helps to avoid death and illness or another round of devastating lock-downs – they it’s a small price to pay.

A once in a lifetime pandemic leaves everyone dazed and confused – looking for guidance. I tend to get my information from multiple sources that are reputable. I don’t rely on a single source. But I’m also not delusion – I know I can’t know everything – nor can I “research” things I don’t fully understand. So, you have to place faith in something, a doctor, a scientist, or even a government organization – such as the CDC. But also, you have to acknowledge that even these entities are fallible. Moreover, that they’re also flexible and will adapt their guidance depending on new data or new scenarios.

I seriously can’t understand the argument that a mask is infringing on my freedom. Hey, if I don’t want to wear a mask – then I’m still free to stay home. Or to go somewhere that doesn’t require a mask. And this anger towards businesses that are following the CDC’s guidance and asking employees and/or customers to mask-up – yeah, that doesn’t make sense. These private businesses are free to require their employees and customers as they see fit – provided it doesn’t infringe on a constitutionally protected right (i.e., race, religion, etc.). Similarly, you’re free to not visit a business that requires a mask if you’re against doing so. So, no rights are, or freedoms are infringed. It’s simply a choice by the business and the person.

We all want to return to normal

We all want things to be like it was pre-pandemic. And as they say, “this too shall pass.” But doing what is consistent with science and typical medical guidance shouldn’t be so controversial. No one yet has been able to accurately explain nor able to present a cogent argument why wearing a mask is bad. Instead, opponents tend to spiral into “pseudo science” and “personal freedom” arguments.

I have a young daughter

I like many others… have someone in my family that is unable to get vaccinated. She’s too young and has some underlying conditions that make her more susceptible. So, I’m naturally more cautious and I’m more willing to mask up – even though I’m already vaccinated. Simply because the situation has change – the Delta variant changed the rules. That is, even if I don’t get sick, I now can potentially spread the virus to my daughter. That risk is too much. So, the inconvenience of wearing a mask is a small price to pay (for me).

But I happily and empathically also mask-up when I walk into a store that asks that I do – or when I’m around others that may be vulnerable. After all, I wouldn’t sneeze directly into someone’s face so why should I feel privileged to “breath” into someone’s space when there’s a pandemic raging. I’d rather defer and be cautious than rude – simply to claim some ill-defined freedom.

Of course, someone will likely argue… “there’s not even a pandemic…” and to that, I’ll simply shake my head and walk away – as I wish them health and happiness. Life’s too short to argue with that delusion.