My new two favorite skin care products!

My new two favorite skin care products!

OK, so full disclosure, as the President of Reviva Labs I have access to all our skin care products – and even the ones under development. So, choosing favorites is difficult. And my favs change quite frequently. But for at least 2021 my two new favorites have been Reviva Labs’ Calming Renewal Serum and Calming Rejuvenation Creme.

The Calming Renewal serum is simply awesome. It goes only so easily and moisturizes and leaves your skin feeling and looking dewy and glowing. Most people who try it at first are worried the all oil-based formula will be heavy or greasy. But they’re stunned to discover it goes on quickly and doesn’t leave you feeling oily at all. It absorbs so quickly!

But if argan oil, hemp oil, and rosehip oil aren’t sufficiently enticing – it also features turmeric, red seaweed, shitake extract, and ashwagandha too. All these are time-tested calming and soothing ingredients. The entire formula is rich in EFAs and it helps to moisturize and quell redness and/or mild skin inflammation.

I like to layer over the serum my other favorite Reviva’s Calming Rejuvenation Creme. This cream features rosehip oil, grapeseed oil, and hemp oil along with manuka honey, carrot seed oil, and seabuckthorn. So, it’s rich in Omegas and EFAs too with a lovely beeswax component for a natural, mild occlusive ingredient – that really locks everything in.

The combination of the serum + cream are a terrific way to moisturize and calm the skin. The combo is exceptionally good if your moisture barrier is disrupted or damages in some manner. And during the dry wintry months here in the north east having the duo is terrific.