One day without a chair fire

One day without a chair fire

While enjoying the beautiful weather on May 1, as I prepared the backyard for barbecuing, I lit our fire pit and chimenea and began to setup the tiki torches in our backyard. This activity, along with cleaning the grill (which I’d already done) usually kicks-off the official backyard spring to summer period.

However, as I was installing the torches on the far side of the yard, I happened to glance back towards our patio gazebo. Only to behold…..


At first I didn’t realize what was wrong. But just looked and though, hmmm, that’s a lot of smoke. Then my brain kicked in and I saw the chair from our patio set was a blaze! Luckily, as part of cleaning the grill, I had reconnected all our outdoor spigots and hose reels. So, I dropped the tiki torch (it wasn’t lit) and ran to the hose, turned on the water, and extinguished the chair fire.

Well, the rest was endless mocking by my family. Even though I wasn’t actually responsible for igniting the chair on purpose. My daughter insists Smoky the Bear is sad for me. And my wife is simply amused.

A set of two chairs has been ordered to replace the charred seating. So, now we’ll have an extra chair for guests in the future. Or perhaps a spare in case I ignite another chair by accident.

My daughter did immortalize my “first day” post chair fire yesterday… with a family chalkboard drawing. I do hope to make it two days… and maybe more.

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